Just as a Diamond has eight facets which represent the unique qualities of the stone, Good Hope Baptist Church
possesses eight Facets of Ministry. Each Facet of the ministry is designed to meet specific needs of the membership of
Good Hope Baptist Church as well as the community. The Facets are as follows:
  • Vision (Clear Diamond)
  • Administration (Dark Blue Diamond)
  • Fellowship (Yellow Diamond)
  • Evangelism (Red Diamond)
  • Worship (Sky Blue Diamond)
  • Stewardship (Green Diamond)
  • Education (Black Diamond)
  • Discipleship (Pink Diamond)
The Facet of ministry that is perhaps the most vital to the church and to all whom God has sent to fulfill their purpose. This Facet centers around Christ and rest on the shoulders of the Man that God has anointed and assigned to lead this Body of Believers. We acknowledge that God speaks to and through the Pastor-Teacher. There are some individuals within this Body of Believers due to role and function that will assist the Pastor in Ministry. As members of this body we are subject to the Pastor-Teacher in all things.
This is the Facet that is designed to bring order and function to the Body of Good Hope. Administration will oversee the mechanisms that support the structure, finances, community relations, and the policies and procedures of the Good Hope Baptist Church so that all we do is decent and in order to the Glory of God.
This Facet is designed to meet the social needs of the Body of Christ. The word fellowship means to “have in common.” Ministries in this Facet are structured to link people together who share common interest, experiences and struggles. The ultimate goal of the Fellowship Facet is to develop meaningful relationships that will strengthen, encourage and exhort every individual to be steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.
This Facet of Ministry is designed to be the growth mechanism of the church. It will allow us to fulfill one aspect of the Great Commission, winning Souls for the Kingdom. This Facet will teach and train every believer to witness for the Lord. The Evangelism Facet will be responsible for instilling within the congregation a heart for the lost and a charge to reach them at any cost.
This Facet of Ministry is designed to strengthen our personal and corporate worship experiences. There are three
words that describe the purpose of this Facet:
Atmosphere- This Facet will set the atmosphere for a life changing encounter with God. By making the atmosphere
inviting and comfortable, the worship participants will express their love and devotion to God in a way that is well
pleasing to our Daddy. It will truly be a sweet savor in the nostrils of God.
Affection- We are to corporately show and express our love for God for all that He has done, for who He is and for what He means to us.
Attraction- We will attract people to experience the power and person of Christ. So much so that they will desire this life changing experience over and over again.
This Facet is responsible for assisting the Good Hope Church Family in being good stewards over all the tangible goods that God has blessed us with. We have been entrusted with gifts from God and we must value those blessings. The Stewardship Facet will guard with care and love the building, vehicles, and property of the Good Hope Baptist Church.
The Education Facet is responsible for assisting the Pastor in teaching, training and equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry. The Education Facet is the mechanism Good Hope will use to fulfill an aspect of the mandate of the church, “teaching them to observe all things.” One unique aspect of the Education Facet is that of the Department of Christian Education which is responsible for all training, workshops, seminars, and bible studies of the church.
The purpose of the Discipleship Facet is to help believers grow into mature devoted disciples of Jesus Christ through intentional discipleship training. Why is the word “intentional” so important or emphasized, because Jesus knew what the disciples needed to be able to carry out ministry. God brought you to this body of believers; we have an awesome responsibility to assist you in functioning in this body.